The Evolution of Crown NorthCorp

Sep 12, 2016

After 22 years of helping to restructure and revive businesses, real estate holdings and more, Crown NorthCorp has undergone a revival of its own. With a relaunched online presence and new additions to the leadership team, Crown will continue to bring decades of experience and capabilities to clients in structuring, financing, and managing complex real estate and real estate-backed businesses–including turnaround situations–and creating value for investors.

In 1994, Chairman and CEO, Ronald E. Roark founded Crown NorthCorp as an international financial services company, built upon the 18 years of entrepreneurial experience that preceded Crown’s formation. Since then, Mr. Roark and his team have provided asset management services including fund and portfolio management, advice on asset acquisition and disposition, due diligence reviews, and development of portfolio strategies to partnerships, investment consortiums, financial institutions, and governmental entities.

Crown NorthCorp structured and led the acquisition of the land, buildings, and business of Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard, of which Crown owns 50%. Crown manages and is growing Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard, having increased its capital value by $2M in the first year of ownership. Crown also financed the launch of Northwest Maritime Academy, a business that educates and empowers mariners to make informed, safe decisions, and the construction of a davit system for use in the academy’s courses.

Crown will maintain its drive to help investors, financial institutions, and government agencies mitigate risk by restructuring real estate debt, structuring capital markets transactions, and taking other strategic actions. The team is always interested in new investment opportunities with real estate and real-estate backed businesses, where we can partner to generate value and returns. Contact us to find out more about how we can work together.

Background on Crown NorthCorp

Crown has managed over 35,000 assets in the US (valued at >$16 billion) and over 100,000 assets overseas (valued at >$41 billion). Crown was the largest asset management contractor for the Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC) in the early 1990s, growing to over 200 employees, overseeing more than 25,000 assets for the RTC and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. The establishment of RTC gave rise to the modern CMBS market and as a result of Crown’s asset management capabilities and sophisticated servicing systems developed while working with the RTC, Crown became one of the first rated servicers for CMBS in the US. The company also expanded to Europe in the 1990s and partnered with leading real estate advisory firms, investment banks, and funds to invest in and manage real estate and asset-backed portfolios in Sweden, Finland, Belgium, Germany, and the UK.